The Black Panther
Oakland Community School
Research Cluster
Centering Community and Activism in Research, Preservation, and Storytelling.
The Mission
UC Irvine’s Black Panther Oakland Community School (BPOCS) research cluster was formed in Spring 2021 to advance research, teaching, and learning about the Black Panther Party’s survival programs through public programs, exhibitions, community archives, and digital project development towards the release of a film documentary about the Oakland Community School.


Summer Fellowship

The UC Irvine BPOCSRC summer fellowship is a 10-week paid research opportunity for undergraduates and graduate students to learn and practice critical research, archival, oral history, and digital humanities skills while contributing to the development of a digitized community archive of resources related to the Black Panther Party's flagship community education institution, the Oakland Community School, which was located in east Oakland, California from 1973-1982.